by Jason Zinger

Star Trek: The Next Generation is the first TV show I remember watching. Well, that and Quantum Leap. While I loved both, Star Trek has had a larger impact on me. Not only did I connect with it more, but it helped shape me into the person I am today…

by Andie Wells

Generally, in improv, an offer is seen as dialog or action that advances a scene. An audience member sneezes and the improvisor could offer their scene partner a tissue; the improvisor accidentally burps and then the scene becomes about their poor manners; the light person dims the lights or makes the lights red and gives the improvisors a spooky setting for their graveyard or their scene in the depths of hell.

One thing I’ve learned from geek improv comedy, though, is that an offer doesn’t have to be just a dialogue or action...

Everything can be an offer!

by Danielle Cole

Since I was four, I have loved watching science fiction shows, but it took me until my twenties to discover fandom improv - and my love for it. Now, I love both watching and performing fandom improv. Here are three reasons why…

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This weekend's Black and Funny show, produced by Coko Galore at Bad Dog Theatre, was packed to overflowing with an audience enthusiastic for black comedic excellence. When Jamillah Ross and I stepped onto stage to represent The Dandies with a quick Star Trek set, the audience burst into cheers. Jamillah coined the phrase "Intergalactic Black [...]

Resolutions Are Futile (January 13, 2018 - S6E1) "The Romulans and the Bov have trapped the crew of the USS Hummingbird. How will they keep their resolutions now?" Holodeck Follies - Spontaneous Star Trek Canada's only spontaneous Star Trek show returns! The Dandies have moved the show to prime comedy time at Comedy Bar - [...]