It’s our anniversary! Seven years of fandom improv with The Dandies

by Danielle Cole

We’re counting down to the most wonderful day of the year… The Dandies’ anniversaryshow! This Saturday, we’re celebrating our seventh anniversary. It’s hard to believe we’ve been creating fandom improv for all this time. But we have and, today, we want to share a few of our favourite moments over the last seven years!

Five fandom improv highlights

1. Opening for William Shatner

One of our favourite aspects of conventions is getting to share the stage with amazing
guests and performers. When we were playing Central Canada Comic Con in 2016, we were booked to open for the original Captain Kirk himself – William Shatner. Not only did we have a great fandom improv set, but the William Shatner joined in one of our songs, singing the chorus and adding his own verse. It was a truly special moment – and a partnership we look forward to experiencing again soon!

2. Playing to packed convention houses

We love all our con shows and audiences, but there’s something thrilling about
performing to a full house. We’ve gotten to play to packed rooms across multiple
conventions. When convention rooms are full of excited audience members, the energy
is electric. Before we know it, the hour of fandom improv has flown by. We are incredibly
grateful for the warm receptions and standing ovations we’ve received after these

3. Having fun at festivals

In addition to conventions, we’ve gotten to play a number of festivals. These are always
a great time. We love getting into the spirit of the event, seeing what vendors have
created and checking out attendees’ costumes. By the time we hit the stage, we’re
caught up in the mood of the festival, which only adds to the fun we have with our
audience members.

4. Hitting the road together

The Dandies have been lucky enough to get to go on several tours together. Each time,
we’ve had a blast – at our fandom improv shows and along the way to them. We always
end up having adventures from hunting for Beavertails to having a cookout together to
taking a long walk along a beach. If you want to stay on top of our off-stage adventures,
keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter.

5. Celebrating our anniversaries with you!

We love all our Comedy Bar shows, but our anniversary
performances are extra close to our hearts. It’s nice to celebrate with our audience
members, looking back at our far the troupe has come and forward to what’s next for us.
And it’s a nice reminder of the fact that Holodeck Follies is one of the longest running
improv shows in Toronto.

Want to join the fandom improv anniversary fun? Check out Holodeck Follies this
Saturday, December 14th at 8 PM at Comedy Bar!