How to have a geeky Halloween all October long

By Danielle Cole

Halloween is often a favourite holiday amongst geeks. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, it’s a perfect time to impress with some awesome cosplay! Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find events with the vibe you’re looking for. That’s why, this year, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite events and activities to help you have a great, geeky Halloween… 

Geeky Halloween events and activities to suit whatever vibe you want 

1. Family-friendly

It may sound simple, but one of our favourite ideas for a family-friendly, geeky Halloween is a group trick-or-treat session. Plan a geeky group costume idea that allows everyone in your party to participate. There are all kinds of fandoms to choose from these days from the Marvel Universe to a Star Trek crew to the Stranger Things gang. Best of all, you can get everyone involved in choosing the fandom and putting together the costumes, getting quality bonding time along the way.  

2. All about the costume 

There are plenty of costume-oriented parties in Toronto around Halloween. One of the biggest events for geeks, though, is Fright Night. This party promotes itself as one of the biggest in the city and loves geeky costumes. Make sure you wear your best cosplay or costume as there are prizes for the best looks. Oh and get your tickets in advance because Fright Night always sells out! 

3. Upscale 

For 2019, TIFF boombox is throwing a Heroes and Villains party. The event is happening on Halloween at the TIFF Bell Lightbox starting at 9 PM. There’ll be music, performances, and even an open bar. This year’s theme is ideal for anyone who wants a geeky Halloween as you get to choose to be a Hero or Villain and then plan your costume according to the “team” you select. 

4. Scary 

If you love Halloween for the thrills, there are lots of event options for you in Toronto. Two of our favourites are Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland and Screemers. Both have Halloween themes mazes with performers who scare you in them. If you’re all about getting spooked in the mazes, go for Screemers. If you want some jump scares and some thrill rides, opt for Halloween Haunt instead. 

5. Funny 

Looking for some laughs for your geeky Halloween month? Come check out Holodeck Follies! As always, the show is at Comedy Bar at 8 PM on the second Saturday of the month. For October, that’s Saturday the 12th. Get in the Halloween mood by coming in your favourite Star Trek costume, cosplay, or inspired outfit! Don’t have a Star Trek outfit but still want to dress up? Feel free to wear a costume from another fandom. As long as your costume isn’t offensive and doesn’t involve cultural appropriation, we’re happy to see it at the show! 

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