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About: The Dandies

The Dandies were formed by Andie and Velvet Wells in 2010. As of 2017, The Dandies is an eight member ensemble.

Their flagship show is Holodeck Follies, a monthly improvised Star Trek comedy and variety show, created in 2012.

The Dandies were nominated as Best Improv Troupe in Now Toronto’s Reader’s Choice award (2015, 2014).

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Shows: Holodeck Follies – Star Trek Improv Toronto

Holodeck: An entertainment suite where your imagination comes alive
Follies: A variety spectacle, or a spectacle of mishaps

Each month, The Dandies boldly go where no comedy show has gone before: Holodeck Follies – Canada’s only ninety minute Star Trek parody for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike!

“In their monthly Holodeck Follies show, The Dandies bring to the table Star trek knowledge to please the most dedicated Trekkie, and improv funny and witty enough to still engage those who are new to Star Trek.

They play original characters of their own creation, with clear roots in the Star Trek franchise (names include Lieutenant Boohoora and Acting-Ensign Weasley Pincher), but their strong character work consistently elevates them above mere impressions of existing Star Trek characters.

Dedicated Holodeck Follies fans delight in returning each month to root for the hapless crew of the USS Albatross, and are rewarded with plot elements and character developments carrying over from one “episode” to the next.”Elizabeth Rose Morriss

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We bring the show to you! We’ve entertained geek fans at the following conventions:

  • 2019: Toronto ComiCon, Fan Expo Canada
  • 2018: Toronto ComiCon, Fan Expo Canada, The Festival of Wizardry
  • 2017: Toronto ComiCon, Fan Expo Canada
  • 2016: Toronto ComiCon, Fan Expo Canada, Unplugged Expo 5, Central Canada Comic Con
  • 2015: Ad Astra, Fan Expo Canada
  • 2014: Ad Astra, Atomic Lollipop, ConBravo, Unplugged Expo, Get Your Geek On TO

Laugh Long and Prosper

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Select Reviews


“The point of the Holodeck on Star Trek is that we love it even though it constantly malfunctions. Despite some turbulence on the bridge, The Dandies delivered a show that could be described as “engaging.” “ – Ilana Lucas Sept 2, 2015 (from

Innerspace, The Space Channel

“If you’re a fan of Star Trek and a fan of comedy, you’re going to love Holodeck Follies!” – Morgan Hoffman (Innerspace, Space Channel), interviews The Dandies and provides introductory excerpts of our silly Star Trek improv. Featuring: Dale Wells, Andie Leathley, Jason Donovan, Brie Watson, Zach Mealia, Alan Leightizer, Kayleigh Robertson

Holodeck Follies is more than just a comedy – it’s a skillful demonstration of that most difficult of comedic arts: the parody. It not only pokes good-natured fun at the media it is inspired from but it also elevates it by showing a detailed knowledge of the subject matter at the same time.” John K. Kirk December 3, 2014 (from

“The Dandies was an enjoyable performance to watch – the troupe was having so much fun of their own on stage, their improv skills were funny and quick, and the crowd, incl me, clearly had a good time.” – Keira Wong Nov. 5, 2014 (from

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