5 Geeky things to do this Fall, including some fandom improv! 

By Andie Wells

With all the back to school pictures and pumpkin spice memes out, it seems that fall is here. For all the people (me) bemoaning the end of summer, this list of geeky things to do (including fandom improv) will help get you excited for the fall. 

Top five Geeky things to do this Fall

1. Gilmore Girls Fan Fest October 4-6 in Unionville

This fan-run festival features appearances from the cast and crew of Gilmore Girls including Scott Patterson, Luke Danes. The pilot was filmed in Unionville making it a perfect place for the fan fest. Unionville is turning Main Street into Stars Hollow for three days. Dress up like your favourite character and talk way too fast.

2. Night at the Bronze at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre 

For all you Buffy fans out there, this is the Halloween event for you! It features a read and sing along of the musical episode “Once More With Feeling” and a 90s dance party. Get your tickets early, though, since this show sells out fast!

3. Big Smoke Burlesque: Rated B for Burlesque

Fans of Burlesque and movie fans collide in this great show, featuring performances by Delicia Pastiche, El Toro, Helena of Tronna, Henrietta the VIII, Lacy Jane, Loretta Jean, Rubie Magnitude, Tanya Cheex, and Zyra Lee Vanity. The show will help you gear up for Halloween as costumes are encouraged and usually lead to fun prizes!

4. Wizards Festival and Hallows Express

Put together by the York-Durham Heritage Railway, this festival features an hour long ride on the Hallows Express, as well as a Harry Potter-themed festival on October 26th and 27th. Of course, the train ride is not just a train ride but an interactive game in which the passengers have to help the Ministry transport prisoners and keep citizens safe. Get your tickets now since they are likely to sell out super fast.

5. Holodeck Follies

The best thing to do this fall is come out to The Dandies’ fandom improv show, Holodeck Follies on September 14th and October 12th. Get your tickets early and feel free to come in costume. We love when fans get really into the show! 

Now I really feel into the spirit of the Fall season. I think that I will cozy up with some Butterbeer and read The Order of the Phoenix again. 

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