What to expect at The Dandies monthly Holodeck Follies show

By Danielle Cole

Thinking of coming to The Dandies’ monthly Holodeck Follies show at Comedy Bar? You may want to know what to expect. That is why, today, we want to share what you will find if you come to the show.


What you will see if you come to Holodeck Follies 

1. Great opening acts 

We always book an awesome host and opening acts. We choose our openers carefully, making sure that our audiences will enjoy what they do as much as they enjoy what we do. Generally, our openers do stand-up or sketch. They may be up-and-comers or well-established in the comedy scene, but they will always entertain you! 

2. Lots of Star Trek references 

We pride ourselves on having a show that can be enjoyed by Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike. That doesn’t mean we skimp on the Star Trek references though. We make sure there are plenty of jokes geared to the Trekkies in our audience! As Ilana Lucas said in her Holodeck Follies review for Mooney on Theatre:

You can enjoy the made-up space adventures of the “USS Albatross” on their own, but the references, of which there are many, add enjoyment to the general mishaps of the crew.

3. A shared love of Star Trek 

We’re going to let a Holodeck Follies review from Pop Mythology handle this point. As they said: 

Holodeck Follies is a blast… [It] is more than just a comedy – it’s a skillful demonstration of that most difficult of comedic arts: the parody. It not only pokes good-natured fun at the media it is inspired from but it also elevates it by showing a detailed knowledge of the subject matter at the same time. Such detailed information can only come from a true lover of Star Trek in all its various incarnations.

4. Laughing long and prospering 

If you’re a Trekkie or a non-Trekkie, you will have a great time at Holodeck Follies. We are passionate about delivering fun shows and make sure there are always plenty of laughs for our monthly Comedy Bar audiences. Just watch out, we’ve been accused of making sides split and guts burst! 

5. A safe, welcoming environment 

The Dandies are committed to making our show a safe, inclusive space for all. We pick hosts, guests, and opening acts that share that same commitment. If you ever do feel unsafe at any of our shows, let any of The Dandies’ cast members know and we will immediately address the situation. 

6. Some fantastic Star Trek fandom improv! 

We don’t want to toot our own horn too much… so we’ll let Space Channel do it for us! According to Morgan Hoffman: 

If you’re a fan of Star Trek and a fan of comedy, you’re going to love Holodeck Follies!

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