By Danielle Cole As an actor and a screenwriter, one of my favourite parts of fandom improv is the characters I get to play. From Holodeck Follies’ Nine of Ten to Hogwarts Follies’ Rako Badploy to Death Star Follies’ Major Princess Gia Oregano, each character holds a special place in my heart. Crafting each character [...]

Fan Expo Canada is just one week away! Here at The Dandies, we are checking our costumes, packing our props, and re-watching the source material for our fandom improv shows. We’re also doing one more thing… prepping to survive and thrive during the epic four days that is Fan Expo Canada. Let’s face it, conventions [...]

If you follow The Dandies, you know that we have a wide variety of shows. We’re always thinking about new fandoms for our geek improv comedy shows though. How do we decide what fandoms are the best fit for us?

There are a number of criteria we use, so here are the five questions The Dandies ask when picking fandoms for our geek improv comedy shows...