How to fill your Fall with geeky fun, including some geek comedy! 

By Danielle Cole

The weather is getting colder and, everywhere you look, signs are going up for Pumpkin Spice everything. That can only mean one thing… Fall is officially here. While it may feel like you have to leave the geeky fun of summer behind, you don’t. Just check out these ideas to have a Fall filled with geeky fun – and geek comedy! 

Five ways to fill your Fall with geeky fun, including some geek comedy

1. Be the one watching the Watchmen

Declared one of the best graphic novels of all time, Watchmen still hasn’t gotten the on screen hit it deserves. Now, there’s another chance for Watchmen to get its on screen due! That’s because the new Watchmen TV series hits HBO starting October 20th! 

2. Travel to The Outer Worlds

There are a lot of highly anticipated geeky video games; but, one of the most anticipated has to be The Outer Worlds. Since Obsidian announced the game at this year’s E3, gamers have been speculating about whether it’ll be great or AMAZING. You’ll be able to decide for yourself with this RPG hits shelves in late October.  

3. Geek hard with Geek Hard

Looking for a new favourite geeky podcast? Check out Geek Hard! Here, Andrew Young and Mr. Green talk all things geek. There’s plenty of news, reviews, and interviews to enjoy. You can find new episodes of the podcast every Friday. 

4. Hit some geeky events 

From geeky Halloween parties to the holiday craft event, Geek the Halls, there are plenty of Fall and Winter oriented geek events. Not sure what events to go to? You can always find a list of geeky events in Toronto. Pick a couple that look interesting and check those out. Then, once you’re there, ask other attendees what events they’re looking forward to. The geek community will be happy to tell you about all kinds of events that you might like. 

5. “Engage” with Holodeck Follies

If you need more geek comedy in your life, don’t worry because The Dandies will be performing Holodeck Follies all Fall long. As always, the show is the second Saturday of each month at 8 PM at Comedy Bar. So come check out what the crew of the USS Pelican is up to. Not sure if the show is right for you yet? There are plenty of Holodeck Follies reviews to help you decide! 

We hope these ideas help you geek up your Fall – and bring more geek comedy into your life! Looking for geeky date ideas? Here are some ideas from Andie Wells to help inspire your date night