About The Dandies

The Dandies – Improv Comedy

pixie-fashions-dandies-cup-logoThe Dandies are a Toronto-based improv comedy troupe. Our members have advance training with Second City Training Center, Bad Dog Theatre and Social Capital Theatre.

We produce the live spontaneous Star Trek show Holodeck Follies that has entertained thousands of people at conventions and our monthly show. In October 2016, we opened for William Shatner at the Central Canada Comic Con in Winnipeg.

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Silly Improvisation, Taken Seriously

Mandate: As part of Toronto’s artistic landscape, we will enrich the community through light-hearted musical and narrative improvisation.

Mission: We will produce shows that foster the development of new performers, especially from diverse communities and artistic formats.

Vision: That everyone (audience member and performer) exits the performance space feeling included, more optimistic, and fulfilled.

The Dandies were nominated for Now Toronto’s Reader’s Choice award for Best Improv Troupe (2015, 2014).

Troupe History

  • 2016: Chris Casselman, Danielle Cole, and Jamillah Ross joined the troupe.
  • 2015: Zach Mealia joined the troupe.
  • 2014: Alan Leightizer and musical director Jason Zinger joined the troupe.
  • Feb. 17, 2012: Holodeck Follies, Canada’s only spontaneous Star Trek comedy show, was born.
  • 2010: The Dandies were formed in Toronto by Andie and Dale Wells.