By Josh HendersonFandom improv is all about imagination. Allowing my imagination to run wild includes thinking of all the places it would be fun to perform improv. Here are a few of the places I’d love to see a fandom improv show…Five locations that would be ideal for a fandom improv showEnterprise ETo be honest, [...]

By Andie Wells I have a rare genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and am physically disabled. I use a cane as my mobility aid and experience chronic pain, joint dislocations, migraines and various other symptoms as a result. Conventions, shows or festivals can be difficult for me due to my chronic pain and other symptoms [...]

By Danielle Cole In Hogwarts Follies and Death Star Follies, I play antagonists. In the past, I’ve played antagonists in scripted film, television, and theatre productions. There are specific challenges to portraying antagonists in fandom improv though. The challenges of playing antagonists in fandom improv 1. Finding the balance When spoofing a character in fandom [...]

By Velvet Wells When people ask about the origin story of The Dandies and the troupe’s Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies, I note that Star Trek and improvisational comedy share something in common: both give protagonists the space to boldly go on adventures. How I boldly go in Star Trek improv As captain of [...]

By Josh Henderson Two weekends ago, The Dandies hit Toronto ComiCon with our Star Trek improv, Harry Potter improv, and Star Wars improv shows. As The Dandies media guru, I had the joy of seeing these shows from off-stage. While I have a lot to focus on during performances, I do have moments where I [...]

by Danielle Cole This weekend, The Dandies brought geek comedy to the Toronto ComiCon’s stage! We explored the world of wizardry with Harry Potter improv, traveled to long ago in a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars improv, and boldly went where no one has wanted to before with Star Trek improv. Couldn’t make [...]

By Chris Casselman If you saw The Sixth Sense when it came out, and didn’t have it spoiled for you, you may remember the feeling you had when the twist was revealed near the end.  Or perhaps, unlike me, you were clever enough to see it coming. Either way, there was a time when you [...]

By Jason Zinger There’s so many movies made about characters in the comic book world. The Marvel Universe is, of course, at the top of what we’re seeing in theatres with DC making the occasional good movie, but unfortunately, mostly missing the mark (let’s be honest, does Shazam really need a geek comedy movie?) There’s [...]

By Andie Wells It's no secret that I absolutely love Harry Potter. When I play geek comedy spoof character, Harmony Gringer, I have such a fun time immersing myself in the world; it's almost like LARPing for me. Today, I am going to share my top five favourite characters from the Harry Potter series. Some [...]