By Chris Casselman If you saw The Sixth Sense when it came out, and didn’t have it spoiled for you, you may remember the feeling you had when the twist was revealed near the end.  Or perhaps, unlike me, you were clever enough to see it coming. Either way, there was a time when you [...]

By Jason Zinger There’s so many movies made about characters in the comic book world. The Marvel Universe is, of course, at the top of what we’re seeing in theatres with DC making the occasional good movie, but unfortunately, mostly missing the mark (let’s be honest, does Shazam really need a geek comedy movie?) There’s [...]

By Andie Wells It's no secret that I absolutely love Harry Potter. When I play geek comedy spoof character, Harmony Gringer, I have such a fun time immersing myself in the world; it's almost like LARPing for me. Today, I am going to share my top five favourite characters from the Harry Potter series. Some [...]

By Velvet Wells I am quiet and cautious in real life so I love to be adventurous when I am improvising geek comedy with The Dandies. Captain Tachyon Field is my improvised Star Trek character in Holodeck Follies. I play him as an idealistic adventurer with a touch of the rogue scoundrel waiting to emerge. [...]

Star Wars improv is just one of Zach’s passions. He’s also an avid comic book and toy collector! Like all serious collectors, Zach has learned about the value of various toys. Today, he shares one of his biggest tips about how to tell an action figure’s value with the rest of us! When he’s not [...]

By Danielle Cole The Dandies are gearing up for our convention season! Last year, we premiered our latest show, a Supernatural spoof titled Hunter Follies at Fan Expo Canada. We got such a fantastic response, so we are bringing the Wayward sisters and their adventures back this year! Want to catch some Supernatural improv this [...]

In January, The Dandies kicked off the seventh season of Holodeck Follies with an exciting premiere episode. The crew of the USS Pelican had a positive diplomatic encounter with the alpha Alpha Centauri centaur race and Ensign Enson Zach got a field promotion. Holodeck Follies - Spontaneous Star Trek Saturday, February 9 at 8 p.m., [...]

By Josh Henderson “A picture is worth a thousand words” may be a cliche, but there’s a reason the phrase resonates with people. I think that’s because what it really captures is photography’s ability to tell a story - even with a single image. As a photographer and cinematographer, I love finding the moments that [...]

By Chris Casselman Geek improv is a passion I found as an adult; but, ever since they were made easily accessible, I’ve had a pretty strong connection with online video games. I’ve always been a gamer since back in the Atari days; and, as a pretty social person, playing games is an experience I like [...]