By Chris Casselman Geek improv is a passion I found as an adult; but, ever since they were made easily accessible, I’ve had a pretty strong connection with online video games. I’ve always been a gamer since back in the Atari days; and, as a pretty social person, playing games is an experience I like [...]

The Dandies’ Musical Director, Jason Zinger loves a good geeky TV show. Today, he’s counting down some of his favourites. Geek comedy, geek drama, old shows, current shows… they're all here! So grab your snack of choice and check these out! Geek comedy performer, Jason Zinger’s favourite geeky TV show countdown 5. Doctor Who I [...]

By Andie Wells Maybe it’s no surprise since I perform Harry Potter improv, but I love sci-fi and fantasy series. I recently got back into reading after a long period of only reading one or two books a year. While I didn't complete a wild amount of books, I did manage to read fifteen books this [...]

By: Danielle Cole Over the holidays, The Dandies take a break from geek improv. Life, however, doesn’t have the same downtime. Earlier this week, my eighteen-year-old rescue kitty, Abby went into kidney failure. Over the course of a day, she began throwing up, lost the desire to eat or drink, and became lethargic. That night, [...]

Welcome back from the holidays! Have you made your 2019 resolutions yet? Three ways The Dandies can help you keep your 2019 resolutions 1. Exercise Everyone knows someone who has made a pact at one point in their life to join a gym, learn parkour, or enter a world level bodybuilding competition. Our geek comedy [...]

By Velvet Wells Aside from memories of listening to Boney M’s Christmas album and Bing Crosby’s Mele Kalikimaka, I don’t find much joy in the Christmas season. And that’s okay. I have family and friends who love me and I enjoy taking the day for myself. Admittedly, I spent far too much time trying to [...]

by Jason Zinger We all have characters that stand out to us. They have been in our lives for many years or be more recent discoveries. No matter how long we’ve known them, though, one thing’s for sure… They hold a special place in our hearts. This week, geek comedy performer and The Dandies’ musical [...]

This weekend, The Dandies did our last Star Trek improv show for the year. Before we scatter for the holidays (don’t worry - we’ll keep our blogs coming!), we got together to catch up and reminisce about some of our favourite moments from our Star Trek improv, Harry Potter improv, Star Wars improv, Buffy the [...]

By Danielle Cole The holidays are on their way, bringing good food, great people, and amazing times along with them! But the holidays can also be the perfect time to indulge in all your nerdy and geeky passions. That’s why, today, I want to take some time to talk about how to bring some nerdy [...]