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The Dandies and PJ Phresh Phil at Fan Expo Canada 2016. Image courtesy of

The Dandies comedy shows fill a niche in the convention experience – live, interactive storytelling and games. We are professionally trained performers so the humour in our show is accessible to people of all ages and fandom interest levels.

When possible we pair up with local cosplayers to bring another dynamic to our improvised performances. It gives us a chance to honour and showcase their costumed craftiness and extends our community. In 2016 we opened for William Shatner and sang him to the stage.

2018 Appearances
The Dandies have confirmed attendance for the following conventions this year:

We’ve entertained thousands of geeks, nerds, Trekkies and everyone who likes to laugh at: Fan Expo Canada, Central Canada Comic Con, Toronto ComiCon, Unplugged Expo, ConBravo, Atomic Lollipop, Ad Astra, Get Your Geek On TO!

Convention Organizers:

Want us to bring us to your convention? Our comedy show formats run 45-60 minutes. We also offer introductory and themed improvisation workshops.

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