s1e10: Captain’s Epilogue

Copy Red Leader is Leslie Hudson and Devin Melanson,
a geek rock duo based in the Toronto area.

Episode Ten: Juan Won Uh-Oh, Wan Naught Not One had the crew in dire straits due to the space elephant incursion. Fortunately Captain Tachyon Field was willing to make difficult choices to save the USS Albatross and Earth-14.

Jason Zinger kicked off the night with “Starfleet, Starfleet”, a new parody of “New York, New York” that will become our new show theme.

InsectAspect (Ben D. and Jacky Z.) did their best to appease the Star Trek hungry crowd with their improvised space newscast and restaurant soap opera. Jenna Rocca started off her set sharing her love for Data’s digits and then read a bizarre transcript of her love affair with Angel (X-Factor).

The night got firmly back into Federation space when our friends and crowd favourite, Copy Red Leader (Devin Melanson & Leslie Hudson), returned to the stage. They sang a new Spaceman Spiff song, performed their new audience-interactive Tribble song, and dedicated Dyson Sphere to The Dandies!

Again, we had a moment of Star Trek trivia and gave away some cool prizes from Squaracters!!

The next Holodeck Follies is December 4th
Episode Eleven : HoloDeck The Halls
“The USS Albatross is in synchronous orbit around Risa when an unexpected guest creates an interplanetary incident that threatens the peace… and the stability of the Federation!”
with: improv from Slacks & Co, a song from Anesti & Co., stand-up from Alex Crawford, We Happy Few (Shakespearean Improv), and featuring Santa!
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