See you tonight's episode of Holodeck Follies, highlighted on blogTO's Radar Pick and NOW Toronto's Critic's Pick! July 2nd (s2e7): Tribbles With Troubles Some problems won’t let go; they like to Klingon. Keep cool with a night of hot entertainment from Debs & Errol, The Rocket Scientists, and Garrett Jamieson and, Star Trek improv with [...]

We adore Debs & Errol and if you've heard them, we know that you are in the same boat. Their parodies and original songs are playful and smart -- an irreverent poke at the source material. If you have seen them live, you know that random hilarity could occur at any time. We are fortunate [...]

Season 2, Episode 6: Best of Bath World “Fluidic space. Species 8472. Bubble bath. What could go wrong?” We had a great show, thanks to the funny crew of the USS Albatross. The crowd fell in love with the new Ensign, Patti Cake, who was 90's pop-obsessed. They cheered on Ensign Guy Guyson's paralysis dance [...]