On October 7th, 2015, we're premiering a new competition format! Come support some super talented performers as they try to earn their 15 minutes of fame! The Sampler The Sampler is part incubator, part contest — where five amateur performers sharpen their skills in front of a live audience. Your vote will determine who makes [...]

July 2nd (s2e7): Tribbles With Troubles Some problems won’t let go; they like to Klingon. The tribble fur was flying last night! The place was packed with people ready to laugh and every act delivered! Congrats to Taz Collins was the luck winner of our Early Bird ticket giveaway to see Zabrina Chevannes on July [...]

As featured at BlogTo and Torontoist: The Dandies take the USS Albatross out for some improv comedy tonight with warped-humour drives engaged. Laugh Long and Prosper. Season 2, Episode 3: Sings of the Father “The crew of the Albatross face discommendation unless they create a three-part harmony with the Klingons and Romulans.” Star Trek improv [...]

Bored of yet another snowstorm Toronto? Show your Canadian colours, strong and true, by trudging out for improv comedy tonight (February 5th, 8 p.m.)! The Dandies take over the infamous Black Swan tavern to boldly go where no variety show has gone before! Episode S2E2: Heart of Hearing “The crew of the Albatross take a [...]

Episode Ten: Juan Won Uh-Oh, Wan Naught Not One had the crew in dire straits due to the space elephant incursion. Fortunately Captain Tachyon Field was willing to make difficult choices to save the USS Albatross and Earth-14. Jason Zinger kicked off the night with "Starfleet, Starfleet", a new parody of "New York, New York" [...]

On October 16th at 9:30(ish)pm, we are going where no Trekkie show has gone before -- One of Us Wednesdays is a fabulous free monthly variety show featuring some of Toronto's best nerd musicians and burlesque performers. Past groups include NerdswithGuitars, Debs&Errol and Copy Red Leader. This month, The Dandies are opening for High Heels [...]