By Jason Zinger In addition to playing music in The Dandies’ Star Trek improv spoof, Holodeck Follies, I’m a Bartender and Sommelier at some of Toronto’s best spots. Sometimes it can be fun to pair a person’s personality with their drink of choice. Here’s what I think a few of my favourite Star Trek: The [...]

By Jason Zinger There’s so many movies made about characters in the comic book world. The Marvel Universe is, of course, at the top of what we’re seeing in theatres with DC making the occasional good movie, but unfortunately, mostly missing the mark (let’s be honest, does Shazam really need a geek comedy movie?) There’s [...]

The Dandies’ Musical Director, Jason Zinger loves a good geeky TV show. Today, he’s counting down some of his favourites. Geek comedy, geek drama, old shows, current shows… they're all here! So grab your snack of choice and check these out! Geek comedy performer, Jason Zinger’s favourite geeky TV show countdown 5. Doctor Who I [...]

Episode Ten: Juan Won Uh-Oh, Wan Naught Not One had the crew in dire straits due to the space elephant incursion. Fortunately Captain Tachyon Field was willing to make difficult choices to save the USS Albatross and Earth-14. Jason Zinger kicked off the night with "Starfleet, Starfleet", a new parody of "New York, New York" [...]