The Dandies: Fan Expo Canada 2018 Announcement

The back-to-school ads are on, which can only mean one thing… it’s almost Fan Expo Canada time! The Dandies have had a busy summer, picking fandoms and preparing our nerd comedy shows. It’s been hard to keep them under wraps all that time; but, now, we can finally announce what we’ve been cooking up!

The Dandies shows for Fan Expo Canada 2018


Thursday, August 30th
8:00 pm
Room 701A

The Dandies are back with their convention hit, Holodeck Follies! Climb aboard the USS Hummingbird for a fully improvised spoof Star Trek episode that will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Laugh along with the crew as they boldly go where no one has gone before… and try not to destroy it – or themselves. Canada’s longest running, improvised Star Trek satire, Holodeck Follies is sure to make you laugh long and prosper!


Friday, August 31st
6:00 pm
Room 714B

Get ready for an epic space odyssey as The Dandies venture through space, protecting the galaxy against Stormtroopers and Sith Lords alike! Watch as old and new fan-favourites band together, bringing you an entirely improvised Star Wars satire. The best weapon in this clash of good and evil? The force of your laughter!


Saturday, September 1st
6:00 pm
Room 714B

Come join The Dandies for an adventure into the world of wizardry, filled with magic, mayhem, and mishaps! Top professors will lead muggles and new students of all ages through a few bewitching games. Then Larry Otter and his friends will take audience members on a wild ride through their latest face-off with He Who Should Not Be Smelled. Their greatest weapons? Spells and laughter!


Sunday, September 2nd
11:00 am
Room 701B

When it comes to the fight against good and evil, the Wayward sisters are on the front lines, ready to square off against everything from vegan vampires to overly chatty ghosts! The only thing they can’t defeat?… Sibling rivalry. So sharpen your knives and your wits for this entirely improvised Supernatural spoof!

*Sibling sacrifices to save the world from the apocalypse not guaranteed.

Seeing The Dandies at Fan Expo Canada

If you want to catch our shows at Fan Expo, we suggest getting your tickets early!

Can’t make the convention? The Dandies will also be appearing at The Festival of Wizardry!