The Dandies’ Toronto ComiCon Geek Comedy Roundup, Featuring Harry Potter Improv, Star Wars Improv, and Star Trek Improv

by Danielle Cole

This weekend, The Dandies brought geek comedy to the Toronto ComiCon’s stage! We explored the world of wizardry with Harry Potter improv, traveled to long ago in a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars improv, and boldly went where no one has wanted to before with Star Trek improv. Couldn’t make it to Toronto ComiCon? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Harry Potter improv, Star Wars improv, and Star Trek improv – oh my!

Harry Potter improv

We opened the Toronto ComiCon weekend with a trip to the wizarding world in our Harry Potter improv show, Hogwarts Follies. Gerry Trotter returned to Hogwarts to find Harmony Grinder hitting the books and Don Cheeseley hitting the curling rink with new friend, Rako Badploy. Using cheese and skill, Don and Rako rose to the height of the wizard curling league – which isn’t hard in a league with one team! All their hard work paid off, though, when Professor Snakes became headmaster, letting Hogwarts fall into the hands – and mouths – of a family of slush monsters!

Star Wars improv

Who wouldn’t want to travel the galaxy with Bae? Fluke Skytalker apparently! But after Bae proved her skills by beating a Porg in Force dice games, Fluke decided to teach her the ways of the Jedi. With the help of Blewbacca (a Water Wookie), brash pilot Bro, and droid A9-99, Bae and Fluke were ready to take on the First Order. When Crylo Ben and Bae had the ultimate Jedi haiku-off though, they realized they really do have more similarities than differences – and decided to rule the galaxy together.

Star Trek improv

The Dandies closed out the con weekend with our Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies. Ensign Ensign Zach led an away mission to Uber Tron – a planet obsessed with the customs of twenty-first century Earth. Luckily, Ensign Ensign Zach was transformed into a Caitian, becoming the leader of the planet… after deep frying the former leaders to make calamari. With most of the bridge crew caught up on the planet, Captain Tachyon Field had a chance to meet the crew from the lower decks – and was shocked to learn how popular he was with them! They followed him to the planet, where they brought renewed democracy. Even Doctor Tor and Nine of Ten learned lessons about the importance of friendship!

It’s always such a pleasure to entertain audiences at one of our hometown conventions! Thank-you to everyone who came out for some geek comedy with Harry Potter improv, Star Wars improv, or Star Trek improv! Missed The Dandies at Toronto ComiCon? You can always catch us at our monthly Holodeck Follies show on April 11th at 8 PM at Comedy Bar!