Fan Expo Canada 2019 Fandom Improv Round-up

By Danielle Cole

All weekend, The Dandies were performing at fandom improv at Fan Expo Canada. We had a great time with our incredible audiences and guest performers! That’s why we wanted to share the joy with a Fan Expo round-up…

Fandom improv at Fan Expo Canada

Holodeck Follies – Star Trek improv

As usual, we opened our Fan Expo Canada weekend with Holodeck Follies. This year, we were joined by the hilarious Kat Letwin, playing Admiral disguised as Captain Tac Oldfield.
After the crew of the USS Humming destroyed the Admiral’s vacation on Vega IV – and Vega IV itself, Tac Oldfield decided to inspect the ship. Everything looked fine at first. The longer the Admiral/Captain stayed though, the more secrets came out. The biggest revelation of all was that Nine of Ten and Doctor Keela Tor had been destroying all the Vega worlds… or that there was another Ensign living in the Jeffries tubes with Ensign Ensign Zach. Turns out their a pair that goes together like ketchup and honey mustard!
Just a few mind control experiments and zombies later and Admiral/Captain Oldfield was faced with a decision: turn the Hummingbird crew over to Starfleet or join the Doctor and Nine of Ten in their murderous ways. The Admiral threw the newly discovered Ensign into the Vega V ocean – and the crew sent in their usual report: “Feeling Fine!”

Hogwarts Follies – Harry Potter improv

We were back on Saturday with Hogwarts Follies. Kat came back (she just couldn’t stay away!). We were also joined by the super talented, Jamillah Ross and Dewi Minden.
We joined Perry Hotter and his friends for their latest school year at Moosewarts – the Canadian school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The trio had to deal with new potions teacher, Desnorus Uxbridge and the always insecure, Rako Badploy – who became president of the Bard Squad, much to Harmony Grinder’s chagrin.
Soon Perry discovered that his parents might not be dead, just in some caverns in Brantford.
He, Harmony, and Don Cheesely joined the Bard Squad to get a field trip to the caverns. Together with Rako and Desnorus, they set off. Perry’s companions fell away, leaving him and the guide to the caverns, Walter Gretzky. When Perry dived into the pool, thinking his parents lived there, he discovered Deatheaters… and He Who Should Not Smelled’s body odour. Thankfully Walter came to save the day, telling Perry to sing a song about love – and running Deatheaters over with a zamboni.
Perry was reunited with his friends, Harmony and Don fell even more in love, and Rako found his true place – heading up the caverns with new pseudo-father Walter!

Hunter Follies – Supernatural improv

The Dandies’ final fandom improv show was our Supernatural spoof, Hunter Follies. We were at Fan Expo, where a slide-headed, wing-footed monster was eating attendees.
The Wayward sisters, Dena and Samantha showed up at the con to save the universe once again. They discovered that the monster was actually Lucifer looking for a VHS tape of Grease to make himself invincible.
When Lucifer not only found the tape but John Travolta, the sisters knew they were in trouble. To make matters worse, Sam had fallen off the wagon, drinking demon blood again. Her addiction was so bad that she was getting deliveries of the stuff. You really get anything brought to you in Toronto these days!
Dena forgave Sam, reminding her of their sisterly bond… just in time for Samantha to sacrifice herself to return Lucifer to hell. But don’t worry, she was soon resurrected as the sisters simultaneously destroyed Lucifer from the inside and outside.
In the end, the Wayward sisters came away from saving the universe with a tighter bond – and a Grease VHS!

Thank-you to everyone who came out to our fandom improv shows at Fan Expo Canada!

Missed our shows at Fan Expo? Craving more fandom improv now that the con is over? You can find us back at Comedy Bar with our monthly Holodeck Follies show on September 14th at 8 PM!