Info about The Dandies

The World's Biggest Improv Tournament - Jan 4 - April 25 The Social Capital Theatre is running another extended improvisational theatre competition! The Dandies were created after their last competition (The Ladder) so there was no hesitation in joining this new contest. Each duo team gets seven minutes to impress the audience, the guest judge, [...]

Thank you for supporting and attending our fourth annual Movember Canada benefit show. Together, we had some laughs and candy and raised $420 for the cause. Thank you to: Our performers - Todd Graham, Ingrid & Steve, the USS Albatross crew, Our raffle sponsors - Panago Pizza, Veelightful, Confidential Musical Theatre Project, Jason Loo, Kari Maaren [...]

For Close Shave 4, I've focused more on treat and less on tricks. Unlike previous Movember benefit shows, I want to celebrate Halloween with everyone (partying, dancing, and karaoke) but I am still looking forward to the show portion! I've wanted to have Todd Graham on Holodeck Follies all year. I first saw him perform at Zabrina [...]

Thanks for helping us return to the Now Toronto's Best-of Toronto nomination list! Want to help this gang of geeks grow in notoriety in Toronto? Vote The Dandies for Best Improv Troupe * Voting commences June 25th. Why we deserve your vote: Interviewed by media: Space Channel (December 2014) Geek Hard Show (November 2014, February 2015) Show [...]

On June 6th (11 am - 8pm), Dale will be emceeing the second annual Stage Select Gaming Expo (SGX 2.0) at the Direct Energy Centre in downtown Toronto. “Stage Select is an inclusive fandom event where visitors can choose from an array of events that will cater to their different areas of interest. No two games [...]

UpdateThe interview went well (Listen) with fewer tribbles thrown around than I had expected. (Some were thrown, naturally.) Catch up on other Geek Hard episodes. I am excited to announce that I will be interviewed on Geek Hard - the popular Friday night Internet radio show (Reality Radio 101) on Friday, May 22nd at 7 [...]