Info about The Dandies

Thank you for supporting and attending our fourth annual Movember Canada benefit show. Together, we had some laughs and candy and raised $420 for the cause. Thank you to: Our performers - Todd Graham, Ingrid & Steve, the USS Albatross crew, Our raffle sponsors - Panago Pizza, Veelightful, Confidential Musical Theatre Project, Jason Loo, Kari Maaren [...]

For Close Shave 4, I've focused more on treat and less on tricks. Unlike previous Movember benefit shows, I want to celebrate Halloween with everyone (partying, dancing, and karaoke) but I am still looking forward to the show portion! I've wanted to have Todd Graham on Holodeck Follies all year. I first saw him perform at Zabrina [...]

UpdateThe interview went well (Listen) with fewer tribbles thrown around than I had expected. (Some were thrown, naturally.) Catch up on other Geek Hard episodes. I am excited to announce that I will be interviewed on Geek Hard - the popular Friday night Internet radio show (Reality Radio 101) on Friday, May 22nd at 7 [...]