Heyo – The Dandies Duo The World’s Biggest Improv Tournament-o – Jan 18

The World’s Biggest Improv Tournament – Jan 4 – April 25

The Social Capital Theatre is running another extended improvisational theatre competition! The Dandies were created after their last competition (The Ladder) so there was no hesitation in joining this new contest.

Each duo team gets seven minutes to impress the audience, the guest judge, and the audience for a chance to win $500.

Check out the weeks and weeks of entertainment (each show is $5) at the SoCap.ca site!

We’ll have a lot of fun regardless of the outcome, but would love your support as we strive to climb to the top of the pack. Our qualifying round is January 18th at 9:00 p.m.

socap-transparentbg_black_orange 154 Danforth Avenue, 2nd floor, Toronto