Performer Profile – Todd Graham

For Close Shave 4, I’ve focused more on treat and less on tricks. Unlike previous Movember benefit shows, I want to celebrate Halloween with everyone (partying, dancing, and karaoke) but I am still looking forward to the show portion!

I’ve wanted to have Todd Graham on Holodeck Follies all year. I first saw him perform at Zabrina Chevannes show at Comedy Bar (with Sandra Battaglini) but Todd is a busy performer, guesting and headlining shows across Southern Ontario.

Todd Graham

todd-graham-space-comedianTodd is registered as an intergalactic space comedian with The United Federation of Planets. He has appeared at comedy festivals across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants including JFL42 and NXNE.

The National Post has said Todd Graham “wasn’t unfunny” while Now Magazine describes Todd Graham as “endlessly readjusting his mic stand!” and Jim Knipfel of notes Todd Graham as having “extremely long, drunken pauses!”

Todd may be self-effacing but I agree with what Danish Anwar said (except the date of course):

Star Trek Masquerade (October 31st, 8 p.m.)

The Social Capital Theatre
154 Danforth Ave., 2nd floor (Toronto)

Admission: $10 with proceeds going to Movember Canada

Laugh Long And Prosper

Follow Todd Graham on Twitter @Idiotgallant or watch some Todd Graham video clips on YouTube, like his modern mash-up video Apocalypse Pooh (created in 1987, pre-internet)