How to survive Fan Expo Canada 2018

Fan Expo Canada is just one week away! Here at The Dandies, we are checking our costumes, packing our props, and re-watching the source material for our fandom improv shows.

We’re also doing one more thing… prepping to survive and thrive during the epic four days that is Fan Expo Canada.

Let’s face it, conventions are fun! At least, they’re supposed to be.
So why does it sometimes start to feel like the shine has come off the event, making it a choir just to walk around the floor or attend events?

Cons are big events with lots of noise, sights, and people – and that can be overwhelming. There’s also a physical toll cons take on a lot of folks, especially those with mobility issues or chronic pain. The days are long. Lots of conventioneers aren’t getting full nights of sleep. Plus, it can be difficult to navigate through the crowds and painful to walk or stand on the hard floors. With all this, it’s easy to burn out over the course of a convention weekend.

How do you avoid this? By taking care of yourself!

The Dandies want you to have the best possible time at Fan Expo Canada, which is why we’re sharing some of our tips for convention self-care!

A self-care checklist for Fan Expo Canada

1. Build breaks into your day

There are a million fun things to do at Fan Expo Canada. You could pack each minute of every day of the convention with activities and events. But will you enjoy any of them then? By scheduling time to rest and relax, you’ll be able to really engage with what you do choose to do!

2. Mix up your schedule

Just like you build in breaks, create a balanced day, where you break up your sitting and walking blocks as much as possible. This way, your body will get chances to relax and to stretch.

3. Con your way

We all have different challenges and needs. Maybe you aren’t comfortable in crowds. Maybe you have health issues that give you an extremely limited number of spoons or that affect your mobility. Maybe you are someone who has a hard time sitting still and listening.
You know yourself best. Even if you are going to Fan Expo Canada with friends, make sure you create a convention plan that is manageable for you. For example, if you have anxiety in crowds, plan to look around the con floor in a quieter time and do a low-key activity right after.

Remember that there’s no “right” way to con. It’s all about creating a plan that works for you!

4. Bring food and water – and remind yourself to consume it!

When you’re rushing from event to event, line-up to line-up, it can be easy to lose track of time and forget to eat or drink water. If you aren’t eating and drinking, though, you’re almost certain to hit the burnout wall fast. That’s why we always recommend packing:

  • a refillable water bottle
  • some healthy snacks
  • something sweet for a midday energy boost
  • mints or gum to help you feel fresh all day long

Having all these items means nothing unless you eat them! Set up routines, like snacking and sipping your water while waiting in line for events. If that doesn’t work, set yourself little snack and water alarms on your phone in the morning to remind yourself to stay energized and hydrated throughout the day.

5. Keep your hygiene up

We all know the jokes about confunk; but, beyond that, keeping up a hygiene routine will help you be fresh and ready to face each day. Plus, your fellow conventioneers will thank you!

6. Laugh!

If you can feel the burnout building, head to one of The Dandies’ fandom improv shows. We will get you laughing for an hour, bringing back your joy. By the time the show is over, you’ll be pumped to head back out into the convention!

Don’t forget to get your Fan Expo Canada tickets if you’re attending! We suggest getting them in advance to help you limit the number of lines you need to stand in when you arrive.

We’ve shared some of our tips for having the best possible Fan Expo Canada 2018 experience. What are some of your tips?

We can’t wait to see you at Fan Expo Canada 2018!