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Holodeck Follies – Monthly Improvised Star Trek Comedy In Toronto


Holodeck: An entertainment suite where your imagination comes alive
Follies: A variety spectacle, or a spectacle of mishaps

Holodeck Follies is a fast-paced improvised Star Trek show for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike. This comedy show is for all ages and encourages full audience interaction – from the initial episode plot suggestion to group scenes and sound effects. Holodeck Follies is currently Canada’s only, and Toronto’s longest running, improvised Star Trek show. Laugh long and prosper!

Many great performers have joined us: Wordburglar, Zabrina Chevannes, Karyn Ellis, The Weaker Vessels, and Candice Sand. Be among the first to hear and see feature acts premiere new material at the show.

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The duo knew that producing the show would be a fun way to spend an evening with other fans. The show format gives them the opportunity to bring together performers from different mediums, in the same spirit that Star Trek brought different cultures together.

“The Holodeck Follies was a great time! Lead by the awesome duo of The Dandies, it was a really fun night out filled with some great acts by really talented entertainers. It is a great, easy, fun night out solo, as a pair or with a group.”
-Jen Button, Movember Canada

Not all performers are versed in the Star Trek universe, or even focused on the sci-fi genre. Those performers are incorporated seemlessly into the evening, to reach the wider audience and to keep the uber-Trekkie references to a dull roar.

The Dandies have a charming flair for producing and performing in Toronto’s longest running Star Trek improv comedy show, with the assistance of a fine house band and guest co-stars to keep danger at bay. The night is punctuated with trivia or interactive audience challenges.

* The show premiered January 22, 2013.

Full Crew Complement Of The USS Albatross

Updated: November 2015
The Dandies (Andie Leathley, Dale Wells, Alan Leightizer, and music director Jason Zinger) with Deanna Palazzo, Zach Mealia, Chris Casselman, Brie Watson, Tracy Rowland, Maddox Campbell, Andrew Haggith, Taz Collins, Quentin Thwaites, Jason Donovan, and Michael Kellet!

Laugh Long and Prosper

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