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by Zach MeAlia As a fandom improv performer, Zach knows the importance of a well-packed convention bag. Today, he’s here to share what he packs. This includes his general items, as well as his protective materials for any comic books he picks up.  Fandom improv and beyond - what to pack for any convention  Zach [...]

By Zach Mealia Onstage, Zach Mealia may play some scattered geek comedy characters (we’re looking at you, Ensign Ensign Zach from Holodeck Follies!). But, offstage, Zach is a conscientious collector! That’s why he’s perfect Dandies to talk about how to protect your comic book, card, or coin collections! A peek into Zach non-geek comedy life [...]

Star Wars improv is just one of Zach’s passions. He’s also an avid comic book and toy collector! Like all serious collectors, Zach has learned about the value of various toys. Today, he shares one of his biggest tips about how to tell an action figure’s value with the rest of us! When he’s not [...]

Winter is coming – so say weather people and Game of Thrones characters. Many of us need a happy place to help get us through those cold, snow months. For geek comedy performer, Zach Mealia, that happy place comes in the form of his toy collection. Today, Zach takes a break from performing geek comedy to [...]

by Zach Mealia

While each member of the nerd comedy troupe, The Dandies has some kind of collection, Zach maintains a whole host of them, ranging from Disney products to old McDonalds toys to vintage tins. His favourite collection, though, is his comic books. In his video, Zach takes viewers on a tour through a brief sample of his vast collections, especially his comic book collection!

The season two premiere of Holodeck Follies had another full house of Trekkies and they were not disappointed! S1E1: Maquis See, Maquis Do Lacking the calming influence of Lt Commander Jennifer Kumquat found Ensign Guyson (Alan Leightizer) caught up in working over Ensign Davidson (Jason Donovan, New Becky) rather than delivering the much needed swiffer [...]