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By Velvet Wells Fan Expo Canada is this weekend, and The Dandies will be performing geek comedy all weekend long! The Dandies will entertain you and the other fans of: Star Trek (Friday 5:30pm) Harry Potter (Saturday 5:30pm) Supernatural (Sunday 3:30pm) All the shows will be in Room 701A. Go check them out, laugh and [...]

By Velvet Wells Spoiler: The first teaser trailer for Star Trek: Picard is included at the end of this blog. Early episodes of The Dandies’ Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies were peppered with references to the adventures and the crew on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Tachyon Field, my captain character, continues to use the Picard [...]

By Velvet Wells When people ask about the origin story of The Dandies and the troupe’s Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies, I note that Star Trek and improvisational comedy share something in common: both give protagonists the space to boldly go on adventures. How I boldly go in Star Trek improv As captain of [...]

By Velvet Wells I am quiet and cautious in real life so I love to be adventurous when I am improvising geek comedy with The Dandies. Captain Tachyon Field is my improvised Star Trek character in Holodeck Follies. I play him as an idealistic adventurer with a touch of the rogue scoundrel waiting to emerge. [...]