By Danielle Cole As an actor and a screenwriter, one of my favourite parts of fandom improv is the characters I get to play. From Holodeck Follies’ Nine of Ten to Hogwarts Follies’ Rako Badploy to Death Star Follies’ Major Princess Gia Oregano, each character holds a special place in my heart. Crafting each character [...]

by Josh Henderson

The Star Wars series has been hit and miss for a lot of people, including me. While I loved the first three films (Episodes IV, V, and VI), I wasn’t a fan of the prequels (Episodes I, II, and III). Like many other people, I didn’t connect with these latter films. Why did these films not connect, especially when the first Star Wars trilogy was such a hit? As a cinematographer, I think the answer lies - at least partly - in the visual world of the prequel trilogy...

I've known of Ron Sparks for years (*cough* 2003) seeing him do improv and stand-up routines around Toronto. I watched his career take off to cult-following status on Video on Trial and on Ed the Sock. He's done tv specials and written for any of the shows you found funny on Canadian TV. He's won [...]