By Danielle Cole Every month, The Dandies do our Star Trek improv show at Comedy Bar. Want to build a whole geeky night out in Toronto around the show? Here are a few ideas to help you plan! What to do before or after Star Trek improv for a full geeky night out in Toronto 1. [...]

By Danielle Cole Summer is always busy - there’s work to do, parties to go to, and events to check out. With everything going on, you want to make sure that anything you spend your precious summer time on is worth it. That’s why we want to share what makes Star Trek improv a perfect addition [...]

Season 4, Episode 3: Trek Beyond The Binary Star Captain Field’s Log, stardate March 2, 2016. Thanks for coming out to support live comedy! Thanks to: Diva Ross (Jamillah Ross and Sean Fisher) for your glamorous and hilarious Holodeck Entertainment System! Hoodo Hersi for your funny and smart stand-up set. Parker & Seville for your wonderfully silly sketch comedy. End Transmission. [...]

Season 4, Episode 1: Nowhere Near Utopia Captain Field’s Log, stardate January 7, 2015. By all accounts: performing, watching, hanging out, it was another fun evening at Holodeck Follies, as echoed by this lovely tweet by Elizabeth Morriss: On the variety front, Susannah Kiernan kicked off the show in song by soulfully, woefully imploring us [...]

Season 3, Episode 10: The Forcefield Awakens Captain Field’s Log, stardate December 4, 2015. We had an amazing time on Wednesday, wrapping up three years of shows! The crew of the USS Albatross saved Federation planets from Romulan attacks. With too much dilithium in their cargo hold, and too little shielding, they were forced to be creative [...]

No Show Tonight We are taking a much-needed breather after our Hallowe'en / benefit / anniversary party. Join us November 21st at 7 pm for Geek Hard Show Live at Comedy Bar. Regular Holodeck Follies attendees may feel like they are in a mirror universe because we are performing at a new venue and acting as the opening act [...]

October 7th (S3e9): Horta Culture Class Watch the crew of the USS Albatross as they create improvised Star Trek adventures (and songs) based on your suggestions. Not a fan of Star Trek? (Liar!) Save your cheers for: Stand-up Mayce Galoni joins us again Flo & Joan joins us for the first time with music Admission: $8 via EventBrite or $10 at [...]

Season Three, Episode Four - Holodeck Follies - Fool's Gambit Last night's show was filled with infectious diseases and infectious laughter. I'll highlight a few moments in the show, but you definitely have to check us out to get the full experience. Holodeck Follies opened with our full cast (Dale, Andie, Alan, Zach, Lara, and [...]