Join us tonight on our monthly voyage through the stars and into your hearts! Come laugh at our opening acts, Brendan D'Souza and Fusion Comedy and the adventures of the crew of the USS Hummingbird.  Tickets are $15 at Comedy Bar box office and $10 in advance - so get them now! Consider Holodeck Follies an Intergalactic Black [...]

This weekend's Black and Funny show, produced by Coko Galore at Bad Dog Theatre, was packed to overflowing with an audience enthusiastic for black comedic excellence. When Jamillah Ross and I stepped onto stage to represent The Dandies with a quick Star Trek set, the audience burst into cheers. Jamillah coined the phrase "Intergalactic Black [...]

NOW Toronto -- Thanks for listing our June episode of Holodeck Follies as one of your critic's picks. Thanks especially for giving the nod alongside the esteemed Jimmy Pardo, who hits town this weekend because of Empire Comedy Live! We will be joined by Hisham Kelati and Daughters of the Silk Rose. See you Friday, [...]

Hungry For Local Entertainment? The Sampler is a fast-paced comedy contest — where performers have a limited time to win over the audience. Feed your competitive spirit while getting morsels of local comedy. The Sampler Game Show – March 14th, 2016 Your vote will determine who makes it from amuse-bouche, to appetizer, to full course [...]

Season 4, Episode 3: Trek Beyond The Binary Star Captain Field’s Log, stardate March 2, 2016. Thanks for coming out to support live comedy! Thanks to: Diva Ross (Jamillah Ross and Sean Fisher) for your glamorous and hilarious Holodeck Entertainment System! Hoodo Hersi for your funny and smart stand-up set. Parker & Seville for your wonderfully silly sketch comedy. End Transmission. [...]

Season 4, Episode 2: Archonquistadors Captain Field’s Log, stardate February 3, 2015. It was a great night packed with laughs and stacked with talent! We had a blast telling another silly Star Trek tale. Kudos to each crew member for having their moment! Chief Security Guy Guyson's prevarication is tested when the Romulans return to destroy [...]

Season 4, Episode 1: Nowhere Near Utopia Captain Field’s Log, stardate January 7, 2015. By all accounts: performing, watching, hanging out, it was another fun evening at Holodeck Follies, as echoed by this lovely tweet by Elizabeth Morriss: On the variety front, Susannah Kiernan kicked off the show in song by soulfully, woefully imploring us [...]

Season 3, Episode 10: The Forcefield Awakens Captain Field’s Log, stardate December 4, 2015. We had an amazing time on Wednesday, wrapping up three years of shows! The crew of the USS Albatross saved Federation planets from Romulan attacks. With too much dilithium in their cargo hold, and too little shielding, they were forced to be creative [...]

September 2nd (s3e8) Captain's Log: Another super (and silly) Star Trek story is in the bag. We had Mooney on Theatre in the house and couldn't have asked for a more receptive audience. The Wrath of Con!!! Surrounded by a full house of new and ardent fans, the crew of the USS Albatross visited Cardassia [...]