The Dandies return to The Social Capital Theatre Season Four, Episode Two: Archonquistadors - February 3, 2016 (Toronto) Join The Dandies as they take their made up characters through another silly Star Trek episode based on audience suggestions. The show opens with music from chanteuse Elizabeth Morriss and stand-up from comedian Aisha Brown. Watch a clip of [...]

Head over to The Social Capital Theatre (154 Danforth Ave., 2nd floor) tonight for some comedy with coffee in that nebula: Season Four, Episode One: Nowhere Near Utopia On the first Wednesday of each month, The Dandies boldly go where no variety show has gone before: Holodeck Follies – a ninety minute Star Trek parody [...]

The Dandies return to The Social Capital Theatre Season Four, Episode One: Nowhere Near Utopia Holodeck Follies, the 90 minute variety show kicks off its fourth season with the second-part of the cliffhanger story from December: The crew of the USS Albatross saved Federation planets from Romulan attacks. With too much dilithium in their cargo [...]

Hungry for local entertainment? Need to laugh off the resolutions you've already broken? The Sampler is part incubator, part contest — where five amateur performers sharpen their skills in front of a live audience. Join us at 8pm on January 2nd at The Social Capital Theatre to get morsels of local comedy. Your vote will [...]

Season 3, Episode 9: Horta Culture Class Captain Field’s Log, stardate October 8, 2015. Last night's episode was oozing with Star Trek references as the crew of the USS Albatross had to contend with sickness, an answer-giving Horta (sorta), and the crew trying to curry favour with the Captain. T'Pi (Andie Wells) contracted the Myridian typhoid [...]

Update Nov 23, 2016: You've probably stopped into this old post to find Flo & Joan's viral video about 2016. Earlier this year, Portsmouth sisters Rosie (Flo & Joan, GirlBand) and Nicola Dempsey (Flo & Joan, The Hatchlings) instantly became regulars on the Toronto comedy scene. Their musical sketches are relatable and funny and they [...]

August 5 (S3E7): August of Wind Captain Field’s Log What a show! Another full house of Trekkies and friends were present for a killer show. Thanks to Geektropolis for filming the show for our upcoming geek profile! If you captured the show (image or video) please tag us on social media. We would love to [...]

In addition to our improvised Star Trek stories, tomorrow night's Holodeck Follies will be packed full of variety entertainment: Music: Leslie Hudson will premiere four new Star Trek songs created just for our show! Rotten Child will also join us to play an unplugged rock set. Stand-up: Daphney Joseph (Coko & Daphney) will share her [...]

The Dandies beam down on Wednesday (April 1st) at The Social Capital Theatre (154 Danforth Ave., second floor) for another silly Star Trek adventure. With the help of make-up artist Lexy Robidoux, Captain Tachyon Field (Dale Wells) and the crew of the U.S.S. Albatross will go undercover to free Risa from the clutches of a [...]