Fans of The Dandies’ Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies will often ask about characters’ backstories. Where are they from? What do they do in their downtime? What’s their family like? Today, we’re giving you a peek into the backstory of one character – Commander Hunter, played by Chris Casselman. A glimpse into the life [...]

(Ottawa, ON) On Saturday, October 14, The Dandies do a site to site transport to Ottawa for their first comedy adventure in the nation's capital. This roadtrip was made possible, in part, thanks to our dedicated Patreon supporters. Thank you! Spontaneous Star Trek and D&D Live presented by House of TARG and The Dandies. The [...]

Don't let a little Fall drizzle stop you from joining us tonight for one of blogTO's Urban Planned events. Also, Debs and Errol dedicated today's comic about it, so you are basically committed -- even if Errol isn't. October 1st (S2e10): USS Les Trivia "I'll take Prime Directives for 100, Alex." Holodeck: An entertainment suite [...]