By: Danielle Cole Over the holidays, The Dandies take a break from geek improv. Life, however, doesn’t have the same downtime. Earlier this week, my eighteen-year-old rescue kitty, Abby went into kidney failure. Over the course of a day, she began throwing up, lost the desire to eat or drink, and became lethargic. That night, [...]

By Velvet Wells When it comes to performing nerd comedy – or improvising in general, I have taken Susan Messing’s quote to heart: “If I don't have fun, it's my own damn fault.” I was quick to adopt the philosophy. Following my sense of fun was the easiest, most productive way to help my improv [...]

By Josh Henderson Recently, I joined The Dandies, coming on-board as one of the nerd comedy troupe’s two Heads of Media. I knew before coming on-board meant attending various meetings, shows, and conventions. I also knew all of these situations could be challenging for me. While it may be apparent that I’m introverted, it’s not [...]

By Danielle Cole When the Me Too movement burst into the international spotlight in 2017, I wasn’t ready to talk about my own experiences with sexual harassment and assault. In fact, I still haven’t talked about most of my experiences with sexual harassment and assault. Today, though, I want to open up about one aspect [...]