For Close Shave 4, I've focused more on treat and less on tricks. Unlike previous Movember benefit shows, I want to celebrate Halloween with everyone (partying, dancing, and karaoke) but I am still looking forward to the show portion! I've wanted to have Todd Graham on Holodeck Follies all year. I first saw him perform at Zabrina [...]

Peter Wildman was a childhood hero of mine, as one of the funny four of The Frantics. "Who?" you millenials might ask. The Frantics were Canada's premiere sketch comedy group, you whippersnappers. Peter is a wonderful musician and actor (stage, television, and voice), known beyond The Frantics for his work on The Red Green Show, [...]

Garrett Jamieson is one of our favourite Toronto comedians. Garrett's sense of humour isn't negative or malicious -- he is wonderfully irreverent, almost daring the audience to stop him from making dirty jokes. Garrett has supported The Dandies from the beginning. Here is a world-class stand-up comedian -- he literally travels the world (with heavy [...]