By Chris Casselman If you saw The Sixth Sense when it came out, and didn’t have it spoiled for you, you may remember the feeling you had when the twist was revealed near the end.  Or perhaps, unlike me, you were clever enough to see it coming. Either way, there was a time when you [...]

If you follow The Dandies, you know that we have a wide variety of shows. We’re always thinking about new fandoms for our geek improv comedy shows though. How do we decide what fandoms are the best fit for us?

There are a number of criteria we use, so here are the five questions The Dandies ask when picking fandoms for our geek improv comedy shows...

Season 4, Episode 4: Run-on Sentience Captain Field’s Log, stardate April 6, 2016. Toronto, thank you for supporting a night of live comedy! Gavin Stephens had a great set, mixed with jokes and riffing with the audience. He got people laughing and sharing geekdom but was firmly in control as the master of ceremonies. Paul Ash unleashed Montreal's [...]

Whoa mama! The Dandies are back for another Holodeck Follies. Get ready to laugh long and prosper as they are recording their improvised (and often musical) Star Trek set to help submit for future conventions. As always, the USS Albatross crew complement is: T'pi/Albatross (Andie Wells), Captain Field (Velvet Duke), Chief Security Guy (Alan Leightizer), Lt. Zach (Zachary Mealia), and Admiral [...]

Here's the lowdown on our pal, and your master of ceremonies tomorrow night: Gavin Stephens Gavin has filmed multiple one-man specials for CTV and The Comedy Network, and recently preformed with Reggie Watts at #JFL42. He opened for international comedy superstar Russell Peters, and has made frequent appearances at conventions, awards shows, and fundraisers to [...]

Something to get you as pumped up as us for Wednesday. First, the other half of the show: BattleCOM Paul Ash brings Montreal 's BattleCOM to town to join forces with the Holodeck Follies. Paul put together a stellar group of comedians ready to battle: Mark Little, Gavin Stephens, Adrian Cronk, Jimmy Cassidy, Jason Ox, [...]

June 3rd (S3E6): Rubix Q Captain Field’s Log, stardate June 4, 2015. Holodeck Follies: Rubix Q We had a blast creating silly Star Trek adventures even though the USS Albatross didn't survive the trip! It was a delight to get in trouble with our special guest Ensigns (Mark Andrada, Chris Casselman, Michael Kellett, and Jason Donovan). [...]