On Wednesday, July 6th, to support our travel fundraising efforts, we will hold an extended Holodeck Follies at The Social Capital Theatre. Advanced sales only $25: VIP admission - reserved seating and a romulan ale show with The Dandies Advanced and door sale $15: General seating. http://bit.ly/dandiesawaytour Holodeck Follies will start at 8:15 p.m. sharp. [...]

The Dandies have been invited to perform Holodeck Follies at Central Canada ComiCon (C4) this Hallowe'en. We will open for William Shatner, the Canadian who played the original Star Trek captain 50 years ago! While the Federation is a post-scarcity society, we are not. Getting everyone to Winnipeg, using current technology, is more expensive than [...]

Compared to previous years, I've been relatively quiet since the beginning of the month. Close Shave 4: Star Trek Masquerade, my annual Movember Canada benefit show will be upon us. https://instagram.com/p/81b4oKiwfh/ I am burned out from producing (creating/organizing/promoting/audience wrangling/paying) small-audience shows. I am tired of how little control I have over the growth of the show [...]

Tonight The Dandies proudly present Close Shave 2: The Next Generation. We take over the second floor of Black Swan Tavern to bring together Toronto's best talent for a Movember Canada fundraiser party! We have prepared as much as we can and all that's left is to give out prizes, have Romulan ale, perform, and [...]

Continuing our awe regarding the guest performers we have lined up for Close Shave2 on November 1st. Wordburglar A consummate performer, freestyler and improviser, Wordburglar's upbeat raps combine patented wordplay calisthenics with head-nodding beats, storytelling and comedy. Unapologetic in his love of double-entendres, ridiculous similes and classic rhyme schemes, Burg’s lyrics are peppered with maritime [...]

We can barely contain our enthusiasm regarding the guest performers we have lined up for Close Shave2 on November 1st. Red Herring Known as 'Toronto's Professional Distraction' this redhead knows how to make a crowd look her way. She sashayed onto the scene fashionably late in 2009, opened the Toronto Burlesque Festival's 2010 Rising Star [...]