June 3rd (S3E6): Rubix Q Captain Field’s Log, stardate June 4, 2015. Holodeck Follies: Rubix Q We had a blast creating silly Star Trek adventures even though the USS Albatross didn't survive the trip! It was a delight to get in trouble with our special guest Ensigns (Mark Andrada, Chris Casselman, Michael Kellett, and Jason Donovan). [...]

May 6th (S3E5): USS Mayday "Strategic Operatic Simulator" Guyson’s Log, stardate May 6, 2015. This month Captain Field was AWOL, and Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Kumquat took the helm as acting Captain. An outbreak of Tribbles distracted the crew and the Vurzglorz escaped. A hole was put into the hull, and while Tribble-based breathing apparatus saved [...]

Season Three, Episode Four - Holodeck Follies - Fool's Gambit Last night's show was filled with infectious diseases and infectious laughter. I'll highlight a few moments in the show, but you definitely have to check us out to get the full experience. Holodeck Follies opened with our full cast (Dale, Andie, Alan, Zach, Lara, and [...]

Season Three, Episode 2 - Holodeck Follies - Make It (So) Happen Last night's episode was super fun. We so made it happen, starting with a quiet tribute to Leonard Nimoy before letting the comedians loose. Apologies for the fuzziness; I was shooting through tears. The combined talent warmed The Danforth by more than a [...]

Season Three, Episode 2 - Holodeck Follies - Divergency Last night's show was entertaining for the performers and audience alike. I won't be able to capture the essence of the night, trying to share references, puns, or scenarios would fall flat by comparison, so let me say my thank-yous: The Holodeck Follies opening set was [...]

While the crew of the USS Albatross were contending with a change in the atmosphere (a high mix of helium and copper) due to loose space pops, a singularity hidden in Engineering slowly consumes them. It is up to Weasly Pincher (guest performer Chris Casselman, our friend from Geektropolis) to save the day! Not to [...]

December 3rd (S2e11): Hollow Decadence Addiction A crazy good time was had by all last night at our season two finale! Our night started with a fun interview by Morgan Hoffman of Innerspace, was more electrifying when the Panago pizza and Paramount Pictures rep arrived with their donated offerings, and was through the roof as the [...]

The Dandies and their Red Shirt Brigade took the episode title, "Two Bodily Go" to heart with their silly version of everyone's favourite sci-fi TV franchise. Our first episode was focused on Uranus (yeah, really) and the second had an in flux of TNG cameos and the things you do for some dilithium crystal pie. [...]

S2E10 Captain’s Epilogue - USS Les Trivia As a noted event in blogTO event and Debs and Errol's comic, The Dandies and Friends delighted the audience at The Social Capital Theatre. With the full complement of the USS Albatross aboard, the night was filled with super silly Star Trek improv. We made up improvised Star [...]