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BY DANIELLE COLE If you’re reading this, you probably already know that I’m a fandom improv performer. Before I started adventuring through space, time, and magical realms with The Dandies though, I used to LARP at least once a week. When Galaxy’s Edge was first announced, it sounded like another theme park - complete with rides, food, [...]

BY DANIELLE COLE The Dandies monthly Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies is a top entertainment pick for for everyone from the Space Channel to Now Magazine. It has been named the perfect night out for geeks, but also a great time for non-geeks! Here are just a few of the reasons Holodeck Follies is [...]

By Danielle Cole In Hogwarts Follies and Death Star Follies, I play antagonists. In the past, I’ve played antagonists in scripted film, television, and theatre productions. There are specific challenges to portraying antagonists in fandom improv though. The challenges of playing antagonists in fandom improv 1. Finding the balance When spoofing a character in fandom [...]

By Danielle Cole The Dandies are gearing up for our convention season! Last year, we premiered our latest show, a Supernatural spoof titled Hunter Follies at Fan Expo Canada. We got such a fantastic response, so we are bringing the Wayward sisters and their adventures back this year! Want to catch some Supernatural improv this [...]

By: Danielle Cole Over the holidays, The Dandies take a break from geek improv. Life, however, doesn’t have the same downtime. Earlier this week, my eighteen-year-old rescue kitty, Abby went into kidney failure. Over the course of a day, she began throwing up, lost the desire to eat or drink, and became lethargic. That night, [...]