If a treat is what you're after, give yourself the gift of laughter! The Dandies may be on holidays but here are six seasonal shows on Santa's list: 1) Magic-Er School Bus Holiday Spectacular Extravaganza Pantsuit Improv presents a holiday-themed episode with Ms. Frizzle's new fifth-grade class. (Dec. 15, 9:30pm) 2) Dreaming Of A (Non) [...]

Amok Christmas Time (December 8, 2017 - S5E10) "The holidays have interesting affects on the crew of the USS Hummingbird. How pon farr will they boldly go?" Holodeck Follies - Spontaneous Star Trek at Comedy Bar This episode marks the fifth anniversary of Holodeck Follies, Canada's only spontaneously created Star Trek show. Tickets: $15 at [...]

(Ottawa, ON) On Saturday, October 14, The Dandies do a site to site transport to Ottawa for their first comedy adventure in the nation's capital. This roadtrip was made possible, in part, thanks to our dedicated Patreon supporters. Thank you! Spontaneous Star Trek and D&D Live presented by House of TARG and The Dandies. The [...]

(Toronto, Ontario – for immediate release) Holodeck Follies - Spontaneous Star Trek Want this first short week of school to feel even shorter? Want laughs this weekend and can't wait for Orville on Sunday? The Dandies hear your plea. After a successful weekend at Fan Expo Canada, the improvisational comedy troupe returns to Comedy Bar [...]

Two years ago, I got The Dandies into Fan Expo Canada with our improvised Star Trek parody - Holodeck Follies. I am happy to announce that in 2017, The Dandies will have five improv comedy show Canada's largest pop culture convention! I love fandoms beyond Star Trek and superheroes so I am happy The Dandies [...]

(Toronto, Ontario – for immediate release) Holodeck Follies - Spontaneous Star Trek On Friday, August 11, 2017, come to Toronto's west-end for a night of Star Trek comedy and air-conditioning before heading out to the plethora of food, beer, and music sampling festivals around town. The Dandies boldly go where no one has gone before: [...]

(Toronto, Ontario – for immediate release) The Dandies return to Comedy Bar as Toronto Fringe winds down! Our next spontaneously created Star Trek episode of Holodeck Follies (on Friday, July 14, 2017) is USS Sundress with stand-up comedians Courtney Gilmour, Meg MacKay and host Hisham Kelati.  Tickets: $15 at the door. Comedy Bar – 945 Bloor [...]

NOW Toronto -- Thanks for listing our June episode of Holodeck Follies as one of your critic's picks. Thanks especially for giving the nod alongside the esteemed Jimmy Pardo, who hits town this weekend because of Empire Comedy Live! We will be joined by Hisham Kelati and Daughters of the Silk Rose. See you Friday, [...]