Join us tonight on our monthly voyage through the stars and into your hearts! Come laugh at our opening acts, Brendan D'Souza and Fusion Comedy and the adventures of the crew of the USS Hummingbird.  Tickets are $15 at Comedy Bar box office and $10 in advance - so get them now! Consider Holodeck Follies an Intergalactic Black [...]

This weekend's Black and Funny show, produced by Coko Galore at Bad Dog Theatre, was packed to overflowing with an audience enthusiastic for black comedic excellence. When Jamillah Ross and I stepped onto stage to represent The Dandies with a quick Star Trek set, the audience burst into cheers. Jamillah coined the phrase "Intergalactic Black [...]

Together with some of Toronto's funniest black improvisers... In two nights we're going further Into Darkness to make light of the skewed racial divide within Star Trek. Gavin Stephens Will record his stand-up set for his "Geeks Will Inherit The Earth" documentary with Andrew Young. Silly improvisation, taken seriously. 

I know there are other performers that could be acknowledged here as part of this black history month mini-series, but none make me as giddy as Avery Brooks. Artistic director, director, singer, jazz pianist, actor, professor, and father. Primarily known for his work on television, the Indiana native, Avery Brooks is the man. Avery Franklin [...]