Tomorrow night (8 p.m.), The Dandies take the USS Albatross out for a spin with warped-humour drives engaged. Season 2, Episode 4: The Perfect Meet “The crew of the Albatross navigate the Perseid meteor showers to deliver an ambassador with an important package.” Our guests will perform a level two diagnostic on your funny bone:Stand-up [...]

As mentioned last week, we created a newsletter through Mail Chimp. This frees us up to use this site for blogging, informational updates, and general interest stories; to use social media to be social; and to connect with (and more importantly, reward) our fans by e-mail. We are excited by the addition of our new [...]

Bored of yet another snowstorm Toronto? Show your Canadian colours, strong and true, by trudging out for improv comedy tonight (February 5th, 8 p.m.)! The Dandies take over the infamous Black Swan tavern to boldly go where no variety show has gone before! Episode S2E2: Heart of Hearing “The crew of the Albatross take a [...]

Happy birthday to Voyager! The fourth live action Star Trek series premiered nineteen years ago. We had made it a goal to re-watch all of the episodes from the beginning (as we accomplished with TNG) but we are still in season three. Unhappy with a new treaty, Federation Colonists along the Cardassian border have banded [...]