by Danielle Cole We’re counting down to the most wonderful day of the year... The Dandies’ anniversaryshow! This Saturday, we’re celebrating our seventh anniversary. It’s hard to believe we’ve been creating fandom improv for all this time. But we have and, today, we want to share a few of our favourite moments over the last [...]

The Dandies had another stellar year serving up geek improv comedy to the Star Trek, Supernatural, Star Wars and Harry Potter fandoms! Yeay us. (So dandy!) "It's been a long road..." But this wasn't our first year creating fandom favourite improv parody shows. Long-time followers know that we had four great years at Social Capital [...]

Thank you to everyone who braved the fallout of yesterday's snowstorm to celebrate our Dandiversary! Feb 5th (S2e2): Heart of Hearing The crew, on their way to well-deserved shore leave on Qo'noS (the Klingon homeworld) ran into some people management issues between Captain Tachyon Field (Dale Wells) and Ensign Guyson (Alan Leightizer) as a result [...]

Bored of yet another snowstorm Toronto? Show your Canadian colours, strong and true, by trudging out for improv comedy tonight (February 5th, 8 p.m.)! The Dandies take over the infamous Black Swan tavern to boldly go where no variety show has gone before! Episode S2E2: Heart of Hearing “The crew of the Albatross take a [...]

Our close friends, improv-sketch comedians KERL joined us a few times last year with a great segment called KERL's Star Trek Wreck. The premise was simple -- Two women (Emily Stang & Lara Fara) who have never seen Star Trek re-enact quick episodes while the third (Kristina Alexis) narrated and kept them internally consistent. The [...]

Two Weird Ladies is a female sketch duo comprised of Mandy Sellers (2011 Canadian Comedy Award nominee, Best Female Improviser) and Laura Salvas (good friend of a 2011 Canadian Comedy Award Nominee, Best Female Improviser). We are happy that Two Weird Ladies are joining Holodeck Follies to celebrate our Dandiversary! We met Mandy and Laura [...]

I've known of Ron Sparks for years (*cough* 2003) seeing him do improv and stand-up routines around Toronto. I watched his career take off to cult-following status on Video on Trial and on Ed the Sock. He's done tv specials and written for any of the shows you found funny on Canadian TV. He's won [...]

Come celebrate The Dandies second Dandiversary with episode S2E2: Heart of Hearing. It is a double celebration for the second episode of the second season of Holodeck Follies! Andie and Dale are celebrating their two years of performing together as The Dandies and the one year anniversary running Holodeck Follies with our friends Alan Leightizer [...]