Snow Angel Fun Raiser

The (Mostly) Annual Snow Angel Fun Raiser

“Put the fun back in fundraising this winter”

The goal: For every new snow-angel picture submitted between December 1st and March 1st, Dale Wells (and other noted angels) donates $5 to the Daily Bread Food Bank through

It takes no time to take a #Snowangel #Selfie!

The stipulations:

  1. Images (post to Flickr, tagged snowangelfun) must be from the current winter season (e.g., 2014-2015).
  2. Only submit images of yourself (or your family) in the act of making the snow angel (not images of the angel after-the-fact).
  3. Group snow angels are allowed (with you and your friends/family) but count as one submitted image.
  4. Videos (post to Vimeo, tagged snowangelfun) are allowable entries.

Images in other mediums (sand, etc.) and of pets are welcome contributions but will not count for donation purposes.

Follow the Snow Angel Fun Raiser effort on Twitter (@snowyfun) and on Facebook (snowangelfunraiser).

I am an Angel - Snow Angel Fun Raiser
Origin Story
Created in 2007 by Dale Wells, this fundraising event is designed to be both silly and serious – to remind people (himself included) that wintertime and acting like a kid can be fun, while helping those in need. His mother, Carol, born on Christmas, was fond of winter and every winter would drive her delivery van with festive paraphernalia both for her own enjoyment and to promote a good cause. She was a staunch supporter (and user) of the Daily Bread Food Bank.

In memorial to her and to help those of lesser means in his community, Dale calls to you: his friends and family, acquaintances, and those who share an affinity with the cause, to do something active in this usually hibernating season.