The Dandies on Patreon

(November 22, 2016, Toronto)

The Dandies launched a Patreon page ( to boldly take on new challenges in 2017!


The prime directive of this Patreon is to have our monthly show fully patron-supported. The at-the-door tickets have covered the majority of the monthly production costs but there is stress in depending on last minute ticket decisions.

We have been blessed by great crowds for our monthly show over the last four years but our budgeting has remained conservative by necessity. We want to change that.

Long term, we hope the patronage will build momentum so we could focus at-the-door our funds on:

  1. getting ourselves to more conventions and cities across North America
  2. getting hardware to capture more content from our live shows (camera, microphones, lights)
  3. creating original online material

Benefits to our fans

The main benefit to our fans

  • Ability to offer a membership card with centralized perks
  • Content sneak peaks and communications
  • Reduce our stress so we can be even funnier, sillier, and happier than a tribble in a quadotriticale silo!
Thank you to our Patrons!
  • Andrew Young
  • Joshua Barbeau