The Promenade

We believe friends help friends, so we are sharing our space with our artist friends at our monthly Holodeck Follies, to benefit both them and our audience.

“The Promenade was a wide, multi-level commercial and service area at the center of starbase Deep Space 9, serving as the hub for the station’s civilian activities.” The Promenade, DS9

Artists On The Promenade:

We have a 6×3 consignment table at the back of the performance space managed by The Quartermaster to handle sales pre- and post-show. Each month space will be shared between: The Dandies, performing artists involved the night of the show, and a limited number of additional artists.

  • The Dandies* – craft (Tribbles, comm badge jewellery)
  • Pixie Fashions – printed ware (cups, jewellry, buttons, etc.)

* Performing night of show!

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We accept gold-pressed latinum (cash) and Paypal for Promenade purchases; for people we know, we will also accept e-mail transfers.

Requisition Order:

  • Fill out the itemized price list (below) and have price stickers on the items
  • Having between-show packing boxes/envelopes for the items will ensure their integrity
  • We’re asking a 10% commission from artists/performers who are not part of that night’s show
  • As transit commuters, we have a limited carrying capacity for inventory to/from the space

In addition to giving you an opportunity to have your art discovered by new people, we will also promote you on this page and social media. You are asked to reciprocate the signal boost.

“A Promenade, often abbreviated to ‘(The) Prom’, was an area where people – couples and families especially – would go to walk for a while in order to ‘be seen’ and be considered part of ‘society’.” Wikipedia

Interested in participating in a future Promenade? Fill in this form: