Close Shave – Annual Movember Party

The Dandies are committed to raise awareness and funds for Movember Canada by hosting an annual fundraiser show on November 1st.

Close Shave2: The Next Generation performer and audience photos

Fundraising History
The Dandies produce a special episode of Holodeck Follies donating admission fees, auctions, and raffles to Movember Canada.


“It was really great to see a Mo Bro like Dale bringing his 2 passionate spaces of Movember and comedy together in one space. I had so much fun and couldn’t be happier for the happy couple! Thanks to Dale for his continuous efforts, I look forward to the laughs he will bring next year!”
– Alam Song, Movember Canada

Movember Dandies
Donate to Movember Canada:

“I must say I had such a blast all while raising money for Movember… The improv, stand-up, burlesque and rap all hit the nail on the head… Live Long and Prosper!”
-Brennan Stang, Movember Canada