Jason Zinger introduced us to Elizabeth Rose Morriss at our March 2015 show. Like Jason, Elizabeth is a musical theatre performer. I've enjoyed her performances as part of Bygone Theatre fundraising events at The Social Capital Theatre. Given her talent and love of Star Trek, it made sense to book her to perform as part [...]

Peter Wildman was a childhood hero of mine, as one of the funny four of The Frantics. "Who?" you millenials might ask. The Frantics were Canada's premiere sketch comedy group, you whippersnappers. Peter is a wonderful musician and actor (stage, television, and voice), known beyond The Frantics for his work on The Red Green Show, [...]

Garrett Jamieson is one of our favourite Toronto comedians. Garrett's sense of humour isn't negative or malicious -- he is wonderfully irreverent, almost daring the audience to stop him from making dirty jokes. Garrett has supported The Dandies from the beginning. Here is a world-class stand-up comedian -- he literally travels the world (with heavy [...]

Kraken Not Stirred Our friends in High Heels Lo Fi suggested we check out and book this new electrofilk band, Kraken Not Stirred. It took us a while, but we finally appeased the mighty Kraken for the honour of hosting the first public performance. The Kraken, wishing to express his fascination with these stories, now uses [...]