This weekend, The Dandies did our last Star Trek improv show for the year. Before we scatter for the holidays (don’t worry - we’ll keep our blogs coming!), we got together to catch up and reminisce about some of our favourite moments from our Star Trek improv, Harry Potter improv, Star Wars improv, Buffy the [...]

The Dandies had another stellar year serving up geek improv comedy to the Star Trek, Supernatural, Star Wars and Harry Potter fandoms! Yeay us. (So dandy!) "It's been a long road..." But this wasn't our first year creating fandom favourite improv parody shows. Long-time followers know that we had four great years at Social Capital [...]

Bored of yet another snowstorm Toronto? Show your Canadian colours, strong and true, by trudging out for improv comedy tonight (February 5th, 8 p.m.)! The Dandies take over the infamous Black Swan tavern to boldly go where no variety show has gone before! Episode S2E2: Heart of Hearing “The crew of the Albatross take a [...]

Our close friends, improv-sketch comedians KERL joined us a few times last year with a great segment called KERL's Star Trek Wreck. The premise was simple -- Two women (Emily Stang & Lara Fara) who have never seen Star Trek re-enact quick episodes while the third (Kristina Alexis) narrated and kept them internally consistent. The [...]

Today in TNG history, the episode Sub Rosa aired in 1994. I am not going to lie -- this is a horrible episode wherein Dr. Crusher is gaslit when the family familiar forces fictitious fondness. Like many of the mental abuse episodes, there is rarely another mention of these horrific encounters, and they happy-ending the [...]

I am excited to include Ingrid & Steve in our Dandiversary party lineup but I was at a loss for viable images to share of them. Both performers are wicked in their artistic ways but it is difficult to find them online. Ingrid Hansen is a bonafide renaissance woman. She co-created SNAFU Dance Theatre, she [...]

Today is the second annual national day (as deemed by a Canadian telecom) to help those who suffer from any mental health issue to recognize the community of willing listeners and moreso to recognize that our society has to stop stigmatizing those with issues. The effect on me though, is a perception of increased pressure [...]