She's Dead, Jim! In the fall of 2013, we produced a short-run crossover concept show called Clockwork [Orange is the New] Black. We were very excited to tap into two stories that we really liked -- A Clockwork Orange ("CO") by Anthony Burgess and Orange is the New Black (OITNB) by Jenji Kohan and Piper [...]

Tonight is our final pilot episode of Clockwork [Orange is the New] Black, starting at 7:30 p.m. sharp (FaceBook, Doors open at 7 p.m.). For $5 (at the door) you can help shape the tale of how Chapman faces her privilege issues... or doesn't! Happening tonight at Measure, 296 Brunswick Ave., Toronto.

Last night our second episode, "Pennsatucky's Pupaphilia", of Clockwork Orange is the New Black, was a thing of wonder. IMPROVINATOR got things started with a whirlwind of British circumstances and revealing deep dark family secrets. The audience was treated to Pennsatucky's conversion to Elmo-ism and the mayhem that religious fervor causes for the inmates at [...]

When Dale came up with the new Dandies format show, he wanted to boldly go beyond the Star Trek franchise and looked at the Netflix hit: Orange is the New Black. The following silliness might have been the results otherwise: Orange is the New Trek Chapman, a privileged white Borg learns humility and humanity while [...]

We aren't the only ones taking a different look at Orange is the New Black these days: Of course everyone has spoofed Clockwork Orange: We are so very much looking forward to seeing Nicole Dunn blend the two in our new show: Less than a week until Clockwork [Orange is the new] Black!

Our first rehearsal for the new show, Clockwork [Orange is the New] Black, is on Thursday evening. We have a lot of ideas from both productions (Clockwork Orange and Orange is the new Black) to distill into 60 minutes of improv comedy. We are really excited and, from the buzz around the community, we aren't [...]