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By Andie Wells Holodeck Follies is a long-running Star Trek improv show and, while the story is made up on the spot, our characters are ones that we play all the time. The Dandies get really attached to their characters and love playing them. Introducing my Star Trek improv character - chief medical officer, Dr. [...]

By Andie Wells Ten years ago I met my husband and fellow Dandies member, Velvet Wells. When we first started talking, we connected through nerdy things like our mutual love of science fiction. Once we were dating, we began performing improv comedy together. We really wanted to combine it with our love of fandoms. Then, [...]

by Andie Wells

Generally, in improv, an offer is seen as dialog or action that advances a scene. An audience member sneezes and the improvisor could offer their scene partner a tissue; the improvisor accidentally burps and then the scene becomes about their poor manners; the light person dims the lights or makes the lights red and gives the improvisors a spooky setting for their graveyard or their scene in the depths of hell.

One thing I’ve learned from geek improv comedy, though, is that an offer doesn’t have to be just a dialogue or action...

Everything can be an offer!

Season Three, Episode Four - Holodeck Follies - Fool's Gambit Last night's show was filled with infectious diseases and infectious laughter. I'll highlight a few moments in the show, but you definitely have to check us out to get the full experience. Holodeck Follies opened with our full cast (Dale, Andie, Alan, Zach, Lara, and [...]