A member of the Dandies

On April 14th, the intrepid crew of the USS Hummingbird struggles with the existential question: "With friends like these, who needs clones?"

With variety guests Chris Sandiford & Melanie Dahling (Winnipeg Comedy Festival), and our host, comedian Hisham "Black Riker" Kelati (JFL 42), come find out what happens when you take a friend, an enemy, and mash 'em together with a transporter malfunction!

Join us tonight on our monthly voyage through the stars and into your hearts! Come laugh at our opening acts, Brendan D'Souza and Fusion Comedy and the adventures of the crew of the USS Hummingbird.  Tickets are $15 at Comedy Bar box office and $10 in advance - so get them now! Consider Holodeck Follies an Intergalactic Black [...]