Dale Wells

The Dandies

The Dandies pose post show

With Andie Wells, wife and co-creator of The Dandies

Dale is the co-creator of the improv duo The Dandies. He produces Holodeck Follies, the spontaneous Star Trek episode, and all past Dandies show formats. He also manages the other event planning activities including creating and distributing marketing materials, variety performer bookings, and convention bookings.

Holodeck Follies
Dale Wells plays the swarthy Captain Tachyon Field on the USS Albatross as part of Holodeck Follies.

<< USS Albatross (PDF) || Andie Wells || Alan Leightizer || Jason Zinger >>

TL/DR; Dale guests on comedy shows across Toronto.

Let The Music Play & The Diversity Show
Dale is the go-to guest-host/performer for Let The Music Play, and occasional performer with The Diversity Show at the Second City Toronto Training Centre.

Past Troupes
As a dominant seventh chord within the musical improv troupe Special Features, The Musical Improv Troupe, he was renowned for wooing the crowd with his velvety voice. The troupe has produced Unsung Sequels , its monthly improvised musical sequels since 2010.

He was also a founding member of retired troupes Lichen to Gods (sketch & improv), The Mimi Generation, and (semi-retired) Fans of Randy.

Dale has performed in the following Toronto festivals: Big City Improv Festival (2016, 2013, 2012), World’s Biggest Improv Festival (2016), Impulse Festival 54-hour Improv Soapathon (2013), Toronto Improv Festival (2012), and Black Swan Ladder Competition (2012, 2011).

Dale started improvising with Bad Dog Theatre Co. (Theatresports Toronto) in 1988. He officially joined Theatre on the Edge (TOTE/Theatresports Waterloo) during university, as a regular troupe and offsite performer and workshop facilitator.

Dale is a graduate of the inaugural Musical Improvisation Conservatory (2013-14) at the Second City Toronto Training Centre, being a lyrical and narrative co-writer/performer of the full length (100 minute) musical Chutes and Corporate Ladders. He also took “The Musical Harold” (2012) with Matt Folliott and “Boomsicle” with Natasha Boomer (2011) at Second City Toronto Training Centre.

Dale has also trained under Mick Napier, Jerry Schaefer, Ralph MacLeod, Ken Hall, Kevin Frank, Carly Heffernan, and Ashley Botting.

As A Facilitator
In 2014, Dale returned to TOTE to facilitate at their weekend retreat. He was officially added to the workshop facilitator roster in the Spring and offers 2 hour beginner-intermediate sessions through the group.

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